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New model here looking to collaborate with photographers on shoots.
I don't have any concepts or ideas, but pm me if you'd like to help me build a portfolio for the 5 people that occasionally look at my statuses! 
It'd be really cool to get some nice pictures for them.


I will need a lot of direction from you on how to pose and constantly ask you if I'm posing correctly or if you want me to "do something different" until you get super annoyed and it affects your ability to think straight and produce good photos.
so only reach out if you're good at positioning models.

Hopefully you have a location in mind because I don't really know the area that I've lived in for 17 years.

If the photos turn out good I'll show them to my family during thanksgiving.


PS I can't drive more than 3 miles from where I live in Fairbault MN because my car needs and oil change and I'm not going to get an oil change anytime soon.


Here's a couple of selfies I took of myself for this girl that doesn't text me back anymore. I know they're not professional but they do showcase my potential to win her back if she unblocks my number.








Can't wait to meet all of you photographers! Hopefully I'm not overwhelmed by all the requests and messages that will flood my inbox after this post

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