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John Conroy-National Headliner

In my 15 years doing standup I've never met anyone with more enthsiasm for the craft as Misha. When you book Misha you know you're going to get a joyful, thoughtful performance for your audience. He's one of a kind!

Kalid Hussein-Movie Producer

Misha Estrin is one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. The first time I saw his stand up I immediately went up to him after the show to tell him how great I thought he was. I've been filming sketches and shorts with him for 2 years now and my work has gotten better in a lot of ways because of what he brings to each of my projects. He's creative, funny, and genuinely passionate about anything his friends are working on. His dedication to comedy is enviable and I suspect his greatest contributions to the world are yet to come. Thank you for never wavering in your pursuit to find the honesty in comedy and for constantly reminding me that even when the work is hard it can still be fun.

Mike Lester-National Headliner

Misha Estrin is probably the nicest space alien I've ever met. I remember when misha first came to our planet. All he had was a tiger shirt and an empty Tupperware container that would go on to be filled with some of the nastiest concoctions you can imagine. Misha told me his mission on earth was to Crack comedians hard exteriors and find that soft, slimy, bug eyed, compassionate estrinian in all of them. So far he's done a pretty bad job, but we probably got at least 4 more years before he's beamed back up. Misha has plenty of time to figure out us earthlings or get killed trying to help the wrong person.
Thank you, Misha.

Marisa Lynn-MA Psychology

I admire Misha's audacity and friendliness. He doesn't shy away from uncomfortable moments, and that makes him one of the bravest people I've ever met.

Misha Estrin's unconventional style of comedy begins before he even steps on stage. I've never seen someone invoke so much laughter simply in the way they approach the microphone. He is a fearless risk taker who spends his time trying to engage others in breaking down barriers.


The thing that most inspires me about this man, is when I think about how hard he used to bomb when he first started doing stand up. He used to just sit on stage and pull pieces of fruit out of his pockets for like ten minutes. But rather than change his style to assimilate, he maintained his eccentricity and found a way to make it work in front of an audience.


I'm proud to call him a friend and love working with him. I wouldn't recommend booking him for your comedy show unless you, for some reason, happen to enjoy original, daring, and outright hilarious entertainment!

Linda Petrich-Sociology Professor

Within my classroom, this student not only distinguished himself with exceptional academic accomplishment, but also displayed exceptional traits of character and leadership ability.


Misha always came to class prepared, engaged in lively discussion with his assigned group, and always exceeded expectations.  He was respected by his classmates. He is
self-motivated. Moreover, what impresses me most about Misha is the fact that he works hard to excel in reaching all of his personal goals as well as team goals. He played a major role in facilitating and collaborating with a group of five individuals to complete two group projects. I know that his ability to set high standards and assist his team to “reach the bar” inspired other students in the class.  


Misha is an exemplary example of a student that recognizes that the learning activities in the classroom serve as a training ground for his future. When presented with tasks that seek to foster creativity and resourcefulness, he took initiative to ask questions to foster understanding.   He seizes every opportunity to develop his skills and knowledge.  He would be an asset to any academic program or work environment.

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